ON Semiconductor's intelligent perception technology empowers the 360-degree vision of AutoX's fifth-generation driverless system

28 2D image sensors and 4 3D lidar sensors eliminate blind spots and ensure the highest level of safety.

July 15, 2021-ON Semiconductor (ON Semiconductor, NASDAQ: ON) today announced that its image sensing and lidar (LiDAR) technology empowers AutoX's fifth-generation fully unmanned driving system AutoX Gen5 key features. AutoX's fifth-generation autonomous vehicle technology released at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference realizes the first fully driverless taxi (RoboTaxi), which aims to realize civilian autonomous driving and make people travel and cargo transportation safer And convenient.

Xiao Jianxiong, founder and CEO of AutoX, said: “In our search to bring RoboTaxi L4 autonomous driving to the market, ON Semiconductor is clearly a partner that meets all of our perception needs. The 8-megapixel image sensor AR0820AT is compatible with other Sensor fusion enables high-resolution cameras. This is essential in dense urban scenes, where a wide field of view is required to capture objects on sidewalks or intersections while extending the actual perception distance to 300 meters away. To achieve automatic driving at highway speeds, in this case, objects or signs that are farther away from the vehicle must be identified in order to have sufficient reaction time."

AutoX RoboTaxi is equipped with the most advanced camera sensors and LiDAR detectors, reaching the highest level of safety. ON Semiconductor provides 28 high-resolution 8-megapixel image sensors AR0820AT and 4 LiDAR sensor SiPM arrays to provide panoramic reversing images with zero blind spots.

Ross Jatou, Senior Vice President of the Intelligent Perception Division of ON Semiconductor, said: "ON Semiconductor continues to promote market-leading sensor technology innovation. Our scalable sensor solutions meet the stringent and rapidly evolving needs of the automotive market. Both performance and deep integration are The keys to true driverless applications. We are excited about our continued cooperation with AutoX because we continue to promote active safety and empower fully driverless driving."

AutoX is a complete hardware and software stack for L4 autonomous driving, which can handle the most intensive and dynamic traffic conditions. It is recognized as the first company to obtain a license to operate RoboTaxi fully autonomous driving in China. AutoX has deployed hundreds of RoboTaxi in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, and other major cities in China. The company also launched RoboTaxi and RoboDelivery pilot services in California last year.

ON Semiconductor is a leader in the field of automotive perception, with more than 400 million image sensors currently being used in automobiles. The company inherits and gives full play to its more than 45 years of excellent imaging experience, providing a variety of sensor types, resolutions, and optical formats for the most demanding imaging applications. The company’s sensor lineup provides advanced solutions for parking assistance, panoramic/rearview cameras, cabin, mirror replacement, lane departure warning, advanced braking, collision avoidance, and other advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)/autonomous driving (AD) system, etc.